Classic 300 TC Organic Cotton Duvet Set

Sale priceDhs. 324.00

Duvet Size: Single/Twin - 180 x 220
Colour: White

A whole new level of comfort: our sheets are luxuriously soft from the moment you touch them and only get softer with every wash.

Crafted from the finest long-staple 100% organic cotton, utilising a unique 4-over-1-under weave, each wash enhances their softness, unlocking new dimensions of comfort.

These all-season sheets are designed with exceptional breathability in mind, ensuring universal comfort for all. 

As an integral component of our Essentials collection, these 300 Thread Count sheets have been meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional quality while maintaining accessibility.

100% Certified Organic Cotton

The words 'Organic Cotton' are thrown around quite a bit these days, though we take it seriously here at Raia. Our sheets are made of only the finest long staple organic cotton, sourced from certified farms that avoid any harmful chemicals, and use only natural pesticides. In fact, every stage of our Organic line is produced and processed in line with Global Organic Textile Standards and is certified accordingly.

Learn more about the GOTS certification.

Softer With Every Wash

Our Fabric is made using a signature weave which we then combine with the finest long-staple cotton. This results in silky smooth sheets that are durable, breathable, and become ever so slightly softer with every single wash. Our premium long-staple cotton excels with superior durability and unmatched softness. Longer, stronger fibers mean our sheets maintain their quality wash after wash, promising enduring comfort and a luxurious soft feeling against your skin.

Does Thread Count Really Matter?

Thread count is often touted as the ultimate indicator of sheet quality, but the reality is more nuanced. While a higher thread count can suggest a smoother and more durable fabric, it doesn't tell the whole story. The quality of the
cotton, the type of weave, and the finishing processes are equally important. For example, 300-thread count sheets made from high-quality cotton can feel better and last longer than 600-thread count sheets made from lower-quality cotton. So, while thread count is a factor to consider, it's just one piece of the puzzle in finding your ideal sheets!