Classic Goose Down & Feather Duvet - Summer Light

Sale priceDhs. 1,900.00

Size: 180 x 220

Discover the perfect balance of luxury and versatility with our Cozy and Light  Down & Feather Duvets, designed to provide exceptional warmth and breathability for both the hot summers and cool winters of the Middle East.

These luxurious duvets from Häussling are meticulously crafted with a premium filling of 90% goose down and 10% feather, ensuring unparalleled softness and insulation. Encased in 100% mako batiste cotton, these duvets offer a silky-smooth touch against your skin, enhancing your sleep experience with an exquisite blend of comfort and elegance.

What sets these duvets apart is their innovative pocketed construction, which evenly distributes the down and feather filling, maintaining a perfect loft while preventing clumping. This thoughtful design ensures that your duvet stays fluffy and in shape, providing consistent comfort night after night.

Indulge in the exceptional softness and lightweight warmth of Haussling's Cozy and Light Duvets. Whether you're seeking relief from the sweltering summer heat or cozy warmth during cooler winter nights, these duvets are your ideal sleep companion. Elevate your bedding collection with a touch of luxury and practicality, perfect for the unique climate of the Middle East.


For almost 90 years, we have been giving our customers wonderful nights

We have passed on and improved this craft from generation to generation. What hasn't changed is our passion for every little detail.

We select our fabrics and fillings by hand according to strict criteria. Do they fulfil our requirements for high-quality materials? Are they cosy and breathable? Do the down and feathers come from ethically sound sources?

Sounds like work, but it's the way to an unrivalled sleeping experience. And that's what it's all about.


Fall asleep with a clear conscience

Good for the environment

We have had every single processing stage of our production facility certified in accordance with the strict OEKO-TEX® STeP guidelines.

Suitable for people with allergies

The NOMITE seal of our down duvets and pillows guarantees natural sleeping comfort for all those suffering from house dust allergies and asthma.

Animal welfare guaranteed

The Downpass Standard 2017 guarantees: ethically sourced down and feathers from strictly controlled and traceable supply chains.

Know-how from A to Z

Our experts monitor every single production step, from washing the down and feathers to packing the goods.


Independent tests confirm that HÄUSSLING have the highest standards in terms of quality, sustainability and animal welfare. So you can enjoy your sleep with peace of mind.

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